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Footscray, the youthful and creative suburb

Nestled five kilometres from inner Melbourne, Footscray has blossomed into a thriving cosmopolitan arts scene and multicultural food mecca. Dubbed the ‘New Fitzroy’ by local Melburnians, Footscray offers a fascinating blend of new and old, conventional and unconventional, with an affection for its working class roots even as it becomes gentrified.

With vibrant artistic graffiti decorating trendy urban streets, Footscray boasts an eclectic visual and theatrical arts scene, with frequent festivals and cultural events available for both residents and tourists to enjoy.

The suburb is a paradise for foodies with a diverse range of delicious multicultural foods available along Barkly Street. Famous for its world-class markets, Footscray offers the indoor Footscray Market - filled with fresh organic produce all year round - and Little Saigon Market, a bustling Vietnamese market brimming with exotic tropical fruits and authentic Vietnamese groceries. Local icon and doughnut institution Olympic Doughnuts is a favourite among sweet-tooths. For sports fans, Footscray is home to the football club, The Western Bulldogs.

Footscray’s highlights and essentials

  • Well-connected transport system, (trains from Footscray Station, Middle Footscray Station and West Footscray Station)
  • Endless bus routes
  • Youthful, creative energy with strong population of youth and many families
  • Wide Educational opportunities (Victoria University, Footscray Primary School, Footscray North Primary School, StMonica’s Catholic Primary School)

Footscray, a high value Real Estate investment

Houses for sale in Footscray range from lovely period homes, deco-style homes, and classic weatherboards to chic renovated warehouses. Sleek contemporary apartments create a breathtaking skyline as Footscray continues to grow.

The median house price in Footscray is currently $695,000 with the lower quartile resting at $630,000 and the upper quartile at $751,000. Businesses with fresh creative ideas seeking commercial real estate in Footscray are sure to find a welcoming home in Footscray’s Barkly Street and other growing commercial districts.

Compton Green, a Footscray suburb expert

With a wealth of experience in residential and commercial real estate, Compton Green excel in helping clients find a new home, business or investment opportunity. Clients seeking a house for sale in Footscray will find our award winning real estate agents friendly, honest and committed to matching them to the perfect property. We always seek to ensure our clients achieve the best possible sales price for their property and we can help business owners find the optimal location in Footscray to launch their business.

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