The ethical real estate agents

We’re so proud of our team. We’re a dedicated, honest, hardworking and likeable bunch. We’re good people who are good at what we do.

Our Agents

Dee Gibson | Associate Director

Tino Parisi | Commercial Director

Steele Sexton | Senior Sales Executive & Partner

Julie Standen | Senior Sales Executive

Jayne Humphries | Head of Property Management

Gia Rigas | Senior Property Manager

Megan Fox | Commercial Senior Asset Manager

Olivia Spiridonos | Trust Accountant

Cindy Dalton | Senior Property Manager

Debbie Harrington | Senior Receptionist

Bianca Cleary | Head of Property Services

Lachlan Bishop | Sales Executive

Jackie Bowyer | Property Management Administrator

Gerard Hannan | Senior Sales Executive

Cathy Royal | Property Manager

Elly Phillips | Property Manager

Vivienne Goeckeritz | Manager of Special Projects

Coral Cicino | Senior Property Manager

Chris Simmonds | Lifestyle Property Specialist

Ellie Keshishian | Bayside Receptionist

Emilly Simmonds | Lifestyle Property Specialist

Julie Dawson | Senior Trust Accountant

Molly Portelli | Property Management Trainee

Stephanie Steinhoff-Pino | Manager of Social Marketing and Brand Communications