The green real estate agents

At Compton Green, we love what we do; but we also want to do it in a way that leaves things better than we found them. From this desire to make a positive impact, our Goes Green initiative was born. Now running since 2007, our Goes Green checklist provides cost savings to landlords and tenants; plus, it’s really good for the environment, so everybody wins! That makes us happy.

How does it work?

Every time your Agent inspects a property to supply a Condition Report, they will add a simple one page Goes Green checklist.The Goes Green report will be completed for all new tenancies and monthly inspections. It’s that simple.

This form will act as the disclosure form to the landlord, not only will the checklist point out what their home does and does not have but will also assist in obtaining quotes in major works such as water tanks and offer fixed price costs, such as replacing a shower head.

Should the owner choose not to do any work, a copy of the form will be kept on file for future reference, with the opportunity to re-visit the checklist in the future.

We will also be able to assist in Government rebates where applicable.

Anyone can use the GoesGreen principals, Here are a few simple things for you to keep in mind that you can do to save:


  • Ensure all toilets are dual flush in all bathrooms
  • Install a water tank on the property
  • Install a grey-water system


  • Ensure you recycle as much as possible. Use recycle bin sfor green waste and other recyclable materials.
  • Set up a compost bin or worm farm as well as your own vegetable garden.

Major appliances & energy

  • Are your air conditioning and heating units up to date with servicing requirements?
  • Ensure you have low energy light bulbs throughout the home

The Impact

Simply put, this will save tens of thousands of litres of water, minimise land fill and save electricity.

There are also huge cost savings to the tenant under the ‘user pay’ system.

Additional Impact

We see this as a tool to attract tenants to "Goes Green" properties, to save them money and the environment. We will market "Goes Green" homes on the web, on our rental list and wherever else we advertise properties for rent.

Future Impact

We hope the real estate industry will take on the Goes Green initiative and for it to become a standard practise with the Goes Green checklist being added to all Condition Reports.

The aim is for us to encourage the entire real estate industry to have a significant and positive impact on our environment. Which is a win for everyone - this makes us happy!