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How to transform an unused space and add value to your home

Posted on April 15th, 2024 in Resources by Compton

When assisting a client with selling their property, styling plays an enormous part. Without styling, it is harder for potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your property, and decreases the chances of them developing an emotional connection with it. We've worked with many stylists who each have their own way of manifesting a visual representation of a living space, however, they all share a mutual dislike for one thing: awkward and unused areas.

Whether it's an under the stairs nook, a strangely-shaped room or a discarded corner, making use of the space opens up a world of possibilities for potential buyers and adds to the overall value of the property. We've chosen our top tips to help you transform these unwanted spaces into desirable living areas.

Work Space

Hybrid / remote work has been normalised thanks to the pandemic - what was once an exception has become the norm. With this in mind, a dedicated work space contonues to be more important than ever.

Although your home should have a space where you can work productively and comfortably, you do not need to utilise a whole room for it. If there is some dead space in a particular section of your home, get creative with a desk that fits into the nook, over-hang wall storage to maximise on space, and a comfy chair that matches the aesthetic. 


Bar Cart

A bar cart or drinks trolley is a statement piece that has made a return to the interior decor scene. Not only are they elegant and classic, they are extremeley convenient for entertaining and hosting purposes. Who wouldn't want their own 'happy hour' at home? 

It is also the perfect styling piece to place in an empty corner of a room. It doesn't need to sit flush to the wall, nor will it look out of place in the corner. In fact, it will tie together all the elements of your living space and create a sense of harmony.

Wall hooks / mini mudroom 

If you live in an apartment or smaller house, then chances of having an abudance of space can be low. However, this does not mean you need to miss out on the luxuries that come with a bigger home. 

We're all guilty of blank wall space, whether it's due to personal preference or if you simply haven't gotten around to decorating it. This empty space doesn't need to remain bare, but can instead be used as extra storage. Wall hooks or built in wall storage are great ways to maximise your limited space. A mini mudroom is a great way to store bags, school bags and shoes out of the way.

These simple changes can make a world of difference to the presentation of your property.